President Williams keen to see old friends reunite on and off the pitch

President of the WRPA, Rhys Williams, feels that the upcoming Welsh and French Legends match will be a great opportunity for the past players to reignite some old friendships that have perhaps been diminished by the introduction of the professional game.

"It's great that the past players get a chance to play again and reunite. There are not that many occasions or events where these players can get together and re-live old memories and also meet the guys they used to play against in international rugby," exclaimed the now retired Cardiff Blues player, "As the game got more professional you probably didn't have as much time to talk to guys after the match so this is a chance to reignite the traditions of rugby and enjoy each others company after the game."

"I think all the players love the traditions of the game, we were all brought up on it, but as the professional game came in we all had to start being more professional, this is a great way for all people around the game, supporters, players, coaches, just lovers of rugby to come together again and watch it in a more relaxed environment."

With the Welsh and French locking horns on Saturday night in aid of the Princes Trust, the WRPA President has managed to escape returning to the field but looks forward to watching some of his old team mates and friends battle it out at the home of his old club.

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Wednesday 19th February